Board Diversity Charter - Partners

The Board Diversity Charter partners with institutions that share it’s mission to ensure that women have access to the highest level of leadership – the boardroom.


The Boardroom Africa (TBR Africa) promotes exceptional female talent to boards across the continent. We break down barriers to help organisations realize the benefits of increased diversity on boards. We’re accelerating the placement of female leaders by connecting peer-endorsed, board-ready women with CEOs and Board Executives across Africa and beyond.

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From building future wealth through smart, financial expertise to changing lives through social transformation and entrepreneurial innovation, Alitheia Capital is a leading, professional company dedicated to bringing to the growing investor community, good investment opportunities that also do good.

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Partners list

2X Challenge

The “2X Challenge” is a commitment calling for the G7 and other DFIs to join together to collectively mobilize $3 billion in commitments that provide women in developing country markets with improved access to leadership opportunities, quality employment, finance, enterprise support and products and services that enhance economic participation and access.

Signatories and Pledge Partners

Charter Signatories are gender diversity leaders that commit to maintaining 30% women on their boards and striving to reach parity. Pledge Partners commit to reach the Signatory threshold within the next two years.